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Community Organizing

Community Organizing

Feminists Unite

Our Story

I founded the first women's organization on campus because there was a lack of an open forum for communication, discussion, and education about relevant issues concerning feminism, gender equality, and all forms of oppression through an intersectional lens. We held weekly meetings regarding sexual health, LGBTQ+ issues, women in politics, and more. We worked closely with the Women and Gender Studies department and student organizations to produce campaigns, marches and educational meetings. 

Our Goals

Feminists Unite’s goals include being able to facilitate respectful, open, and honest conversations with members of the university community about the feminist issues they face in their lives. Over time we hope to gain a wide and diverse membership, allowing a wide array of views to be heard and learned from. We hope to create a reputation for being a space for free inquiry where anyone with an enthusiasm to learn would be able to come to a Feminists Unite meeting or event and learn.

Collaborations and Press

Femicidio in Latin America with Latin American Student Organization, March 2018.

#IStandWithKumba and #IStandWithAdenike protest with African Students Association, Haraya, Social Justice Exchange, and Students of Consciousness, February 2018.

Feminists Unite at the Women’s March, January 2017.

Feminists Unite Gets Recognized by SGI, January 2017

St. John’s Women’s Day with TEDx, November 2017.

Love March with Students of Consciousness, Latin American Student Organization, and Spectrum, November 2017

Break the Binary with Spectrum, October 2017.

Feminists to Unite?, October 2016

Former secretary of Feminists Unite worked with Student Government on bringing sexual and health education to campus, October 2016.

Stephanie Aliaga